Tips on Maintaining Quality of Frozen Foods

Although practical, to store such food is actually required caution. After shopping for frozen food at a supermarket like Walmart then immediately take it home to put it in the freezer. For additional information, you can also check the opening hours and close of the Walmart first in walmart deli hours. Well, if it turns out the journey from the shopping place to the house will take 1-2 hours, and then keep the temperature cool. Can either use an ice cube or put in an ice flask. Otherwise, the temperature changes that occur will affect the durability of the foodstuff.

The freezing process of frozen food even up to -17.7 ° C or 0 ° F is incapable of destroying the microorganisms present in the diet, but simply stopping its growth. Once in-thawing, these microorganisms can re-activate and multiply under suitable conditions.

Frozen food durability, such as chicken nuggets, when kept at a frozen temperature or stored in a freezer can last about 1-3 months. While sausages, hams, and hot dogs, should be stored in the freezer can last between 1 2 months, while frozen fried chicken can last up to 4 months.

So, in fact, the resistance of these frozen food products varies. Depending on the type of product, processing, storage temperature, type of packaging, freezer cleanliness, frequent or not an open-close freezer. The instability of the flow of electricity also results in an unstable freezing temperature.