Stone Carpets, The Anti-Mainstream Trend To Bring The Feel Of Nature In The Room!

Carpets are intended not only to keep the floor of the house clean, but the carpet also functions as one of the household furniture that can beautify your room and give the impression of luxury in your dwelling. But in the application of carpets in the room, you need to pay attention to the cleanliness. It would be better if you regularly clean it every 6 not once in a reliable carpet wash like you can find at

Apart from that, there are currently unique carpets that will become a trend this year. Anyone will be fooled by the appearance that looks like tidy boulders are neatly arranged. But the carpet is actually not made of real stone, but 100% made of wool. From the detail of the product, it is explained that each stone is handmade so that no stone is shaped and colored the same. That’s why the stone carpet looks like a real rock. But when touched, it will be realized that the surface of the carpet is not as hard as a rock. This stone carpet looks very natural and makes the atmosphere more natural room.