Preparing your documents for your immigration to the UK

Before the day of departure, check all your travel documents. Make sure you have applied for the right visa. Then check your flight schedule once more. After that, save airline tickets, passports, visas and other important documents in your bag. Do not keep important documents required for immigration in suitcases. You can just pick up the baggage after going through the immigration process. Meanwhile, you can go to Trinity selt for taking English exam to get the UK visa.

Once you arrive at British immigration, you will find two lines of the queue. One is destined for the arrival of the EEA (European Economic Area), the EU (European Union) and Switzerland. The other is destined for other countries. Check carefully where you have to wait in line. If you are not from EEA and EU, you are required to fill the landing card. You can request this landing card from a flight attendant (eg flight attendant). Landing cards must be filled in completely and signed before handed over to immigration officers.

The immigration officer will check your passport and visa, along with the university’s offer letter, a statement, and proof that you can afford to pay for the course, proof that you have taken care of your accommodation. The Immigration Officer may have a simple conversation with you. We recommend that you make a good impression by answering all the questions using fluent English.

If you carry a banker cash/ check/draft of more than £ 6750, you must report to immigration. After that, you will be asked to fill out the form. The immigration officer will keep the original form and give you a copy of the form. Keep this form well.