Renovating an Office or Moving to a New Office?

Do you have to decide whether to renovate the old office or move to a new office location? There are several things to consider in answering this question. The reason is either in renovating the office or moving to a new office, both need to take into account budget allocation, project execution time, and employee mobility. Here are some aspects to consider in determining your choice. One is the headcount number. If you decide to move, can help you.

One of the key aspects of determining choice is the current number of employees in the office and future employee deployment plans. If the old office is still considered adequate to accommodate headcount in the old office and still has a spare area for additional employees, then office renovation is the solution. However, if the company is experiencing significant progress both in the business and the addition of a large number of headcounts, then the choice to move to a new office with a larger office area is the best solution to be implemented.