Buying sunglasses for those with rectangular and pointed shape face

To provide balance to your rectangular face, avoid frames that widen your face. Sunglasses for square and round faces can also be used for this type of face, make sure you choose a larger size so that your face does not look small. You can apply the same rule for the best elliptical reviews.

This type of aviator can be your choice, it gives a silhouette that helps you emphasize the character and shape of the cheek and jawbone.

Make sure you select the frame size that suits your face so it does not look like borrowing someone else’s glasses.

Face Forms Fine (pointed)

Tinny chin, wide cheekbones, and narrow forehead. If you have these criteria retro frame, the square and colorful frame is suitable for you.

Strong colors and details will help you refine your Character and Lower Facial Face, by drawing attention around the eye area.

The rectangular frame fits perfectly with the pointed face shape, this type of frame can help you balance the shape of your sharp chin.