The Importance of Choosing the Best Slowpitch Softball Bat

A softball player or a Softball team should have the equipment, equipment, or facilities and infrastructure to support the game in order to gain maximum play. All equipment and equipment is required for each team in the official match. In addition to the ball, a bat is an equipment that should be used when you play. Therefore, having the best slowpitch softball bats will be helpful where you will not only feel comfortable but also focus on the game as there is nothing you worry about, like the bat that is too heavy or too big. Here are the tools that must be there to start a softball game.

– Ball

Softball uses a yellow ball with red grip, previously white with white grip. Softball ball material made of leather or the like weighs 190 grams.

– Gloves

Gloves are used by all defenders to catch the ball, while first baseman and ball catcher uses the mitt.

The glove here is a kind of glove made of a rather thick skin with a size of 284 grams. Used for guard players. As for the guard home base (catcher) in addition to using the glove also use protective equipment.

– Bat

The bat is used in the official game is a special bat for softball. Terms of use and characteristic of bat that may be used are contained in International Softball Federation regulations. Sticks / Wooden clubs made of wood or similar materials elliptical with the part where the handle is smaller. Softball stick size is: Stick length 86.5 cm and Place handles wrapped around 40 cm.

– Helmets

The helmet is worn by a ball beater that is useful for protecting the head of a bat from a hitting ball and injury.

– Protective gear

Protective gear and pool shoes are worn by a ball catcher. Also required Legguards Softball as a protector of the shin on the feet.