Consider GPS Rangefinder and laser Rangefinder

Generally speaking, just like lots of things or products, golf rangefinders come in different types. They are usually classified according to the type of technology they are using. If you want to start the research or need rangefinder buying guide, get to know what you can find on

– GPS rangefinders

These one use the GPS technology to determine how far your shot is. Some of GPS rangefinders need to get mounted on the ground while others get installed in smart devices, such as watches and phones. Accuracy and golf layout are the advantages of using rangefinder features with GPS technology.

– Laser rangefinders

When using this type of rangefinder, you can benefit from laser technology when it comes to determining the distance of your shot. Yes, they have lenses, which can work and help you in seeing the location of your shot. Perhaps, this is the most used ones today.